Emma Ann Hughes  

Scandal of ambulance chasing businesses

Emma Ann Hughes

Emma Ann Hughes

Just because these companies deal with many types of complaints about financial services does not mean many of them are capable or bother to assess the strength of a case.

If they were capable of this then surely 100 per cent of complaints submitted by these firms would be upheld?

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Ambulance chasers promise to get you a large compensation payment – they should instead be forced to admit they don’t have the power to argue to escalate the amount a complainant receives.

They should also be forced to prominently admit their charges can be high. 

For example, according to the Money Advice Service, if a complainant is awarded £1,000 in compensation they could typically miss out on around £300 of that money.

I often bemoan the endless scrolls of regulatory red tape, but I feel more rules are required to tackle ambulance chasers and their misleading tactics.