Pub chat can affect your break-up

Stephen Lyon

Stephen Lyon

As more and more couples are cohabiting - the latest government figures suggest that the number of cohabiting couples with children stands at 3.3m - more than double the 1.5m such  families in 1996 – it is certainly wise to ensure watertight legal agreements are in place at the start of the relationship.

This can take the form of a Declaration of Trust or Cohabitation Agreement.

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The former usually just relates to the ownership of property.

However, for a couple who have been together for a long time and have children, a Cohabitation Agreement is more comprehensive and can deal with day-to-day costs such as paying household bills and splitting other assets such as furniture and cars.

Getting all your legal ducks in a row like this at the start of a relationship can certainly be a romance killer, but equally, would you want to be held to account for some words uttered in the pub 13 years ago? Unlikely.

Stephen Lyon is a barrister at 4PB