Children should be improving their financial skills

Guy Rigden

Guy Rigden

The framework suggests “outstanding” schools must “consistently go the extra mile” for the personal development of pupils.

The Money Advice and Pensions Service must not lose momentum.

With a renewed mission to help everyone manage their personal finances and a solid strategy including ‘financial education for all children and young people’ they must build on the excellent work of the MAS and Financial Capability Strategy for the UK.

This leads logically to commissioning what works and influencing others to get behind validated strategies. We stand ready to work cross-sector to help make this happen.

Learning about money still costs money.

Corporates, trusts and foundations who care about making a real and significant impact can support what is proven to work at scale, breaking down practical barriers and unlocking meaningful financial education for all young people.

The formation of MAPS is a unique opportunity to challenge the assumption that all that can be done to improve people’s financial literacy has been done.

Armed with evidence, purpose, funds and resolve, this coalescence represents the best chance in a generation to tackle the traditional and evolving challenges of managing money in our society.

Guy Rigden is chief executive of MyBnk

YFCG consists of MyBnk, London Institute of Banking & Finance, The Money Charity and Young Money