Income protection or critical illness cover?

Justin Harper

Justin Harper

Partnerships with the likes of Red Arc, Innovate and Square Health for claim and non-claim events now provide quick access to GPs, to counsellors for mental health support and to physiotherapists for back and joint conditions.

Addressing different risks in different ways

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Although many people do not realise it, we actually use (spend) our income hundreds of times every day, and the solutions offered by IP and CI help advisers to help their clients be prepared for life’s twists, turns and income shocks.

How many clients have you met who have just one protection need?

So, IP or CI?

I am firmly in the ‘and’ camp – but with a more appropriate degree of priority.

There’s a place and need for both IP and CI; as I have said, they address different risks in different ways.

But safeguard your client’s income first and ensure they are ‘set for life’.

Justin Harper is head of protection marketing at LV