Why it is time to rethink retirement

Mike Middleton

Mike Middleton

What type of life do they need to be happy as a retiree? How are they going to fill their time?

To do this we have to make conscious decisions on the important elements of how we wish to live.

We can then work out how much that costs and save enough to budget for that – no matter how extravagant or modest that may be.

Increasing numbers of people have concluded that it makes sense to use retirement activities as the basis to understanding financial requirements, rather than the other way around.

Individuals need professional support to enable them to make the right choices – we only have one shot so it’s important to get it right. This allows financial and other advice to work to maximum effect.

By adopting a different approach and placing individual retirement aspirations at the heart of any decision-making process, excitement can be injected into retirement and long-term happiness can become more likely.

The time for individuals to take their futures seriously is now.

Mike Middleton is founder of Pro-Vision Lifestyles