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Cracking the adviser/client relationship

Darren Cooke

Darren Cooke

I am in the fortunate position with my business that I no longer really need new clients.

I have enough existing client relationships now to keep me busy, while still allowing me time to do things outside the business and spend the time I want with my family.

That old cliche ‘work/life balance’ comes to mind.

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I am sure many of you are in the same or similar position as well, particularly if you have been in business a few years and provide excellent service to your clients.

When I first started my business I moved from another role so some clients came over with me; that was a lifeline in the first year of the company.

They did not come just for the sake of it, though; they became clients of my new business because I had looked after them and provided them with good service and sound advice for years previously.

I still needed new clients of course, so I did all sorts: advertising, writing a column in a business magazine, getting a website and using adviser search websites.

The best thing I did though was business networking: getting out there, talking to people, showing them what I did and how I did it.

Then a couple of them became clients and they started telling everyone what a good service I provided, and how I had helped them.

I also made a few professional connections and through conversations with them I demonstrated the value I could add to their client relationships; now they refer clients as well.

I am sure many of us think about the service we provide to our clients: are we doing enough? Are we missing things we could do, or should do, better?

Ultimately the best judges of what you do, though, are your clients. If they areloyal and you do not lose many clients, then good,well done.

If you never get questions about the fees you charge for the service you deliver, even better. 

If your clients are happy to refer their family, friends and work colleagues to you when they need advice, then you have really cracked it.

Darren Cooke is a chartered financial planner at Red Circle Financial Planning