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Self-promotion can help the profession

Marlene Outrim

Marlene Outrim

I recently came across a debate started by Brian McLaughlin on the Octo Members site about financial advisers caring more about their brand within their peer group than their most important commodity – what the client thinks.

This prompted some great comments and an excellent response from Lee Robertson, the chief executive of Octo, which if you want to read, join Octo.

Among the discussion was the idea that some advisers put themselves out in the public domain for the glory of it, which gives them an ego boost, whereas there are many others who quietly go about their work, but equally do as good a job as those others we see frequently in the press.

I suppose you could say that I am one of those who look for fame and publicity, albeit mostly in the trade press, but I certainly do not do it to boost my position.

I hope, mainly, that I help to provoke some good thinking about what we do as robust financial planners who provide an excellent service to our clients. I always hope that it helps others in the profession, especially those just joining, who have ambitions as I did when I first started out.

There are other benefits too, to getting yourself out there. Certainly, clients love to see the company they use in print or in digital media. It is also a boost to the team, who mostly are unseen and unheard, but as part of a company know they are contributing their bit.

Anthony Villis of First Wealth does a good job of promoting his team members and the company’s values and ethics on Linkedin, but I doubt he does it to boost his self-importance; more like the team’s morale.

It takes time, effort and hard work to promote yourself or your practice, so to do it just for the fame would suggest that maybe you would be better off in the performing arts, where applause and adulation come a little bit easier.

So, forgive me for this self-interest if that is how it seems, for writing this article and getting my name in Financial Adviser, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Marlene Outrim is a chartered financial planner at Uniq Family Wealth