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Pension tension - and how to relieve it

Mike Hampson

Mike Hampson

Another recent study carried out by Redington among 104 fund managers from across the globe, representing over $10trn in combined assets under management, found that 76 per cent of managers 'consider climate-related risks and opportunities'.

However, just 60 per cent could provide an example of when these factors have influenced buying or selling decisions.

Yet more and more, funds and companies are jumping on the caring-about-climate-change bandwagon. 

The growth of ethical and sustainable investing has sparked a debate over whether investors sacrifice returns when choosing these funds. 

Your pension has an impact on the world around you, right now and in the future, and the way you look after your money is just as important as the way you spend your money when it comes to fighting climate change.

Banks, providers, and funds need to be held to account when it comes to climate matters, and the best way you can encourage that is by choosing services that positively impact the planet. 

The more people who learn about pensions' impact and start taking action, the more those who design funds will have to listen.

Mike Hampson is chief executive of Bishopsgate Financial