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Why young women can't win in the workplace

Ruby Hinchliffe

Ruby Hinchliffe

Therein lies the fundamental imbalance. Employers need to recognise the catch-22 young women of the workplace are facing, and they need to support us so as not to continue stagnating our careers until we're in our 50s.

This isn't a new phenomenon. But it's one which I don't think is talked about enough in terms of behaviour.

Last month, a mortgage advice business was told by a tribunal to pay its former employee £15,000. The business owner allegedly tried to fire her, made unfounded suggestions of poor performance, and shouted at her in a meeting until she had to run to the bathroom in tears.

This was all following emails and conversations where she told him she was pregnant and needed to organise her maternity leave.

This change in professional treatment exhibits perfectly the catch-22 young women face. Becoming a mother will never not completely change how you're perceived by your employer, regardless of your performance.

Let's get the record straight here. All women, regardless of their personal life choices, are useful.