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Paper qualifications do not define a successful adviser

Andy Payne

Andy Payne

In the 10 years since the SJP Academy was launched, more than 1,000 budding advisers have been welcomed through its doors, with 844 still part of the SJP network today.

At least 658 SJP adviser businesses have been created across the UK. Many of those joining already have a strong business focus and are seeking a second career for those skills to thrive, while others join following higher education.

Identifying and nurturing younger talent has meant that the average age of those graduating from the academy is currently 34, which compares favourably with the industry average age of 57 for advisers and helps give SJP an average age of 47 for its own advisers. 

But if as a profession we are all to continue to succeed, we will no doubt all expect to play our part in supporting the advisers of the future.

As a profession we spend a good deal of time talking to clients about their futures, the legacy they wish to leave.

And we know that one trained adviser could positively change the lives of 150-200 clients on average. It’s vital that we also put as much thought into defining a legacy of our own. 

Andy Payne is head of the SJP Academy