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You can't 'sell' wealth management to accountants

Darrell Stone

Darrell Stone

We find this takes the compliance onus off the accountants as many do not want to get involved in the FCA regulatory advice demands.

As Continuum deals with the advice risk entirely, this also does not affect the accountants' PI or regulatory status.

We have learnt a lot about partnerships, and accountants, over the past six years.

You definitely cannot ‘sell’ wealth management to accountants, they will only discuss this partnership when they are ready to do so.

However, when they are ready to pursue such a partnership it can be hugely profitable for both parties.

We have also found that accountants really value any marketing materials we can provide them with, including material to send to their clients to generate further interest.

By working closely with professional connections it is possible to build partnerships that work for all parties involved.

The end clients are well looked after in a highly professional way, while the professional partner and the adviser also see value.

Darrell Stone is head of partnership development at Continuum