Gen Z wants to know where you stand

Alex Payne

Alex Payne

The likes of Demi Lovato, Wayne Rooney, Emma Raducanu and Selina Gomez have all spoken publicly about the challenges within their lives, and all have become more accessible as a result.

This direction of travel is only picking up speed. Room Unlocked recently commissioned a survey of current attitudes towards influencers. One of the most interesting stats returned was that 37 per cent now state they cannot identify with influencers who do not post with a social cause at the heart of their content. 

I would bet my lunch money that percentage has grown significantly by next year.

The filters and photoshopping of online content from a few years ago has been superseded by the need for authenticity and purpose. 

It has been a rough decade for online communities, but the tipping point may well have been reached. Indeed, the 10th annual Deloitte Global Millennial and Gen Z Survey revealed that Gen Z believes the world is coming out of the other side on issues such as racial justice, inequality and the environment. 

Across the board, a demand for better role models, genuine content and stronger action has been driven by a generation that is disenchanted with the perceived bending of the truth within of media, politics and marketing. 

Trust, reality and good are the golden commodities right now, and Gen Z are setting the standard for the direction of online travel.

Alex Payne is founder and chief executive of Room Unlocked