Getting ready for the auto-enrolment avalanche?


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Live Blog Auto-enrolment Dec 2015


  • Paul Todd

    Paul Todd

    Director of investment development and delivery at Nest

  • Paul Budgen

    Paul Budgen

    Head of Business Development at NEST

  • Tim Sargisson

    Tim Sargisson

    Chief executive of Sandringham


Recommending a good default

Ensuring the defined contribution scheme offers suitable investment options, including a default arrangement. Exploring the importance of a default arrangement given the fact many members don’t want to choose their own investments.

Caring about good governance

Why it is vital advisers assess the governance of schemes they recommend so they can be confident the schemes are capable of delivering a good outcome. Key questions to raise with pension providers.

Auto enrolment enhancing business relationships

What are the different business opportunities an adviser might want to look at if they decide to offer auto-enrolment services?