Dealing with insistent clients


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Live Blog Insistent Clients Jan 2016


  • Robin Ellison

    Robin Ellison

    Head of Strategic Development for Pensions for Pinsent Masons

  •  Mike O'Brien

    Mike O'Brien

    Managing director of TenetConnect & TenetSelect

  • Keith Richards

    Keith Richards

    Chief executive for Personal Finance Society

  •  Emma Ann Hughes

    Emma Ann Hughes

    Editor of FTAdviser and Financial Adviser


Decision time

We seem to have reached an impasse in the industry: most advisers have polarised in the ‘just say no’ camp but with the government pushing the idea of ‘access to all’, how can the financial advisory industry move forward without incurring risk to them or to the client?

Regulatory matters

The FCA has put out some guidance on how to deal with insistent clients, but is this clear enough? Is the onus still on the adviser – and how should advisers act today, given the threat of Financial Ombudsman Service action tomorrow?

Light on the horizon

How could the Financial Advice Market Review be used to help shape a better environment for providing pensions advice post-freedoms, that will help advisers find a suitable ‘third way’ for dealing with insistent clients – one that benefits the individual, the adviser and the regulated industry?