How should I approach hiring?

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Guide to succession planning

"You’ll also need to decide how you are going to assess your applicants and how you will test if they possess the right skills and knowledge. Will a standard interview achieve this, or should you complement this with a technical test or role play?"

What are the pros and cons of different approaches to hiring?

If you choose to advertise out on the internet, at a relatively low cost, you will appeal to a wider pool of candidates. However you may not attract the right level of candidates, so risk the advert not delivering.

Networking and recruiting a new employee that is known to you or others may ensure you choose a safer candidate with a good cultural fit, but the potential risk is a lack of diversification.

Alternatively, you could seek assistance from an agency, who will attract the candidate and complete the first stage of the vetting process. This method may possibly get quicker results, but at a higher cost.