Defined Benefit 

DB or not DB – avoiding transfer traps

  • Grasp the considerations of transferring from DB to DC
  • Gain an understanding of the challenges faced by advisers
  • Be able to identify the potential solutions put forward by leading industry figures
DB or not DB – avoiding transfer traps

Relinquishing defined benefit (DB) scheme membership was once viewed as unthinkable. But while these pensions remain the envy of those unable to get such a good deal from their current employers, a range of factors have left many clients convinced that a transfer is their best option.

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  1. What have Aegon, Hargreaves Lansdown and Royal London been campaigning for?

  2. Mr Dolby has seen income multiples at what level for CETVs?

  3. In the Spring budget, the government announced that Qrops transfer would be taxed at what level?

  4. Which event does Mr Cameron suggest 'left scars in the industry?'

  5. In order to mitigate the risk for herself and the client, Ms Biddle is doing what?

  6. Which two firms have recently introduced TVAS services to assist advisers with DB transfers?

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