Lighthouse master trust approved by regulator

Lighthouse master trust approved by regulator

Lighthouse Group has seen its sponsored master trust approved by The Pensions Regulator.

The Corporate Pensions Trust, launched in November 2013, is a multi-employer pensions master trust using age-based target date funds managed by Alliance Bernstein and has three corporate trustees.

The Lighthouse Pensions Trust, which is an employer category within CPT, claims to be the only fully advised workplace pensions solution for employers needing to comply with their auto-enrolment obligations.

Malcolm Streatfield, chief executive of Lighthouse Group, said: “The listing of our master trust solution by The Pensions Regulator is a key milestone for the group.

“It means that employers who have yet to stage auto-enrolment compliant workplace pension schemes in 2017 or 2018, as well as those who have staged since 2012, can be confident that, in choosing LPT as their auto-enrolment solution, they have selected a provider that offers value for money, the highest standards of corporate governance, focused on good member outcomes, and is financially secure.

“The Lighthouse Pensions Trust, together with the group's allied offering, the Lighthouse Life Trust, offers a one-stop solution for employers seeking to provide workplace pensions, all with local support as and when needed.”

LPT provides access to a network of locally based specialists who will guide employers through the auto-enrolment process from data gathering and option selection to establishing the scheme and managing changes on an on-going basis.

There is also a category under the Trust Pensions brand for employers who wish to comply with their auto-enrolment obligations but who do not require separate advice on the process.

The trust obtained accreditation in December 2016 under the master trust assurance framework.