Multi Asset June 2017 

How to use multi-asset funds for retirement

  • To understand why multi-asset funds are becoming popular among retirees.
  • To learn what sort of portfolios are suitable for pension investment in the decumulation stage.
  • To ascertain the pros and the cons of drawing income from multi-asset funds.
How to use multi-asset funds for retirement


Since the Pension Freedom and Choice regime came into force in April 2015, clients have been faced with a wider variety of options for how they invest and access their retirement funds.

With this greater freedom has come more flexibility when it comes to how those in drawdown are remaining invested.

Multi-asset funds, with their ability to be flexible, adapt to clients' changing circumstances and the potential for a diversified income stream, have been popular over the past couple of years.

But are such funds serving the retired market well, and if so, how can advisers help to structure portfolios suitable for clients in the decumulation stages?

This special report will examine how to construct a multi-asset portfolio in retirement, consider the pros and cons of drawing income from multi-asset funds in drawdown and assess the benefits for pension pots of being diversified across asset classes.

Commentators in this special report: Eugene Philalithis, portfolio manager, and Bill McQuaker, portfolio manager for the Fidelity Multi-Asset Open Range, both at Fidelity International; Paul Ilott, director of multi-asset research at Scopic Research; Altaf Kassam, EMEA head of strategy and research, and Alistair Byrne, head of European defined contribution investment strategy, both at State Street Global Advisors; Dan Kemp, chief investment officer for Morningstar Investment Management Europe; Patrick Norwood, insight analyst for funds at Defaqto; Nick French, head of UK wealth management and managing director of Russell Investments; David Absolon, investment director at Heartwood Investment Management; Aviva Investors; the Investment Association; Adrian Gaspar, multi-asset investment specialist at Prudential Portfolio Management Group; Matthew Phillips, managing director at Thomas Miller Investment; The Little Book of Market Myths: How to Profit by Avoiding the Investing Mistakes Everyone Else Makes; Office for National Statistics.

In this special report

  1. What does Mr Absolon say is key when it comes to structuring a multi-asset portfolio for retirement?

  2. According to Mr Gaspar, what might seem outdated to some?

  3. What does Mr Norwood claim there can be a 'great deal of' within Investment Association sectors?

  4. Mr Kassam says what balance of needs can change during retirement?

  5. Mr Kemp believes investors should be wary of higher fees as it can have a compounding effect over retirement. True or false?

  6. What does Mr Kemp say can help value-driven investors to stay the course?

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