Your IndustryAug 2 2017

No financial adviser, or advice, and consumers will cry

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No financial adviser, or advice, and consumers will cry

Do you often wonder why our work and services are invaluable to our clients?

I saw a poster on a wall recently that turned on yet another light in my brain to prove our worth. From across the room it was a picture of Bob Marley, the now-deceased Reggae legend. However, as you got nearer the poster you could see it was an image made up of hundreds of other smaller images.

These images were of people, landscapes, buildings and paintings. Each one was different, but was a small, vital contributor to the overall image, or – to use a well-hackneyed phrase – 'the bigger picture'.

Clients can perhaps see some of those smaller images, but they can never stand back far enough to see that bigger picture. Through experience, knowledge, software usage, technical information availability and, quite simply being at it full-time, we can see that bigger picture.

Then because we have that clear view, we can more easily put the necessary components together in the right order. If the smaller images are put in the wrong place, or some are missing, that bigger picture can be flawed.

Being able to see that bigger picture makes us – the adviser – worth it.

Gary Pashley

Partner, GLD Associates