Auto-enrolment: Savers prepare to take a hike

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Auto-enrolment: Savers prepare to take a hike

As the final tranche of employers enter the inaugural auto-enrolment (AE) contribution stage, a key plank of policymakers’ plan to tackle the UK’s dwindling savings culture appears to be on track – for now.

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  1. Ms Thomson suggests that minimum AE levels should increase to what figure?

  2. Hymans Robertson's report on master trusts identified what key issue?

  3. The feature states that Now: Pensions' asset allocation is more akin to what?

  4. According to Mr Clark, 57 per cent of millennnials told Royal London that they should be doing what?

  5. According to Mr Selby, what could the government push for ahead of the 2022 general election?

  6. According to Mr Boulding two thirds [62 per cent] of AE savers are unaware of what?

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