Half of savers don’t know their pension provider

Half of savers don’t know their pension provider

More than half of savers – 53 per cent – don’t know who their pension provider is, according to research from financial services mutual OneFamily.

The survey, which polled more than 2,000 UK adults, also showed a fifth of respondents have no idea how to track their old pensions pots down.

Savers are also in the dark about how much they had put away, with one in three workers (32 per cent) saying they had no idea what they had saved, and a further third saying they only had a vague idea.

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Simon Markey, chief executive of OneFamily, said: “The start of New Year is a great opportunity for savers to get their existing investments in order, plus think about the future and what they might need.

“Tracking down and keeping on top of existing savings is the first step, but also thinking about what you might need in your later years, and how you plan to fund them, is equally important.”

Mr Markey also argued that for those who are nearing retirement without the adequate level of savings have “a number of alternative ways to fund it”.

He said: “Lifetime mortgages are becoming an increasingly popular option as people take advantage of the value hidden in their homes, and over the last year, the number of people using these has increased by nearly 60 per cent, as homeowners take advantage of the house price increases we have seen over the last few years.”

Figures from the Equity Release Council in October showed the over-55s withdrew a total of £824m of property wealth from their homes in the third quarter - a 44 per cent year-on-year increase.