Pension Dashboard 

Call for artificial intelligence-driven pension dashboard

He added: “What I think we will then see is providers, advisers and platforms will want access to that dashboard, in a seamless manner for their clients - so they don't have to exit their website - and there is where I think we will see those bodies having to pay something for access.

“And I think they will pay for the tools, because they want to host the tools on their own platform.”

Mr Boulding is predicting that AI-driven tools could be developed as soon as 2020.

He said: “2019 will be for early adopters, legislation should be out by 2021, which will obviously give schemes some time to comply, so a fully compulsory dashboard should be running in five-years’ time.

“But if we got an early version of the dashboard running in 2019, then I see no reason why by 2020 we couldn't say that schemes, providers, platforms and advisers that want to link through to that dashboard shouldn't be able to.

“We should build those links, we shouldn't wait for the full compulsion and for every pension scheme to be on the dashboard.”