MPs urged to back pension for terrorism victims

MPs urged to back pension for terrorism victims

A Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) MP has introduced a Bill in Parliament that proposes a pension for those severely injured in terrorism attacks.

Belfast South MP Emma Little-Pengelly presented her proposals yesterday (2 May) at the House of Commons, and also called on the government to set up a review of support available to victims.

Introduced under the 10-minute rule, the Victims of Terrorism (Pensions and Other Support) Bill is proposing to establish a review of pension support for terrorism victims, and to require that review to make proposals for additional support taking account of the effects on occupational pension provision for such victims.

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Ms Little-Pengelly said: "It is particularly poignant that this month marks the first anniversary of the Manchester Arena bombing, an appalling act of terrorism that has touched, and continues to touch, so many hundreds of people in its brutal impact.

"Over the years, tens of thousands of people across the United Kingdom have been left with serious traumatic injuries as a result of terrorism, and these victims are living with these injuries every day."

She added that the victims are dealing with the impact of ageing on their injuries, and some of them "face older age without any occupational or work-related pension".

The Bill will return to Parliament for a second reading on 26 October.