PensionsMay 23 2018

Offline pensioners miss out on crucial benefits

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Offline pensioners miss out on crucial benefits

Baroness Altmann explained that many elderly people have never learned to handle technology, are often living alone and with a disability, which means they cannot complete online application forms and may never be able to claim.

She argued that many of these individuals live for another 20 or more years, which means “proper and fair arrangements for claiming non-digitally - by post, on the phone or face to face - are urgently needed to allow them to receive their entitlements now and for the future”.

She added: “Older people deserve to be treated with more respect and dignity, making some allowances for their life chances: Neither businesses, nor government itself, should be allowed to take unfair advantage of older people's lack of modern technology skills.

“Digital disadvantage is another form of age discrimination and a decent society should ensure its senior citizens are not marginalised or taken unfair advantage of in this way.”