Pension Dashboard  

Pension dashboard technology passes user test

Pension dashboard technology passes user test

The Origo-powered pensions dashboard is ready to be used in the open market by the 15 million people forecast to log on when the tool first goes live next year.

Underlying technology, supplied and tested by the fintech company, is capable of handling the anticipated usage, according to the latest scalability test.

Origo has been working on previous prototypes of the dashboard and is one of a number of providers hoping to be picked by the government as the preferred technology provider.

Origo’s technology was tested on its performance and stability during the 'find' process at high volume. 

With consumer consent, this process orchestrates the calls to all providers who check if they have a matching policy for the consumer.

Origo benchmarked its solution against a 15 million user population, with 80 per cent being active on any given day, and 200 pension provider end points.

Kenneth May, chief architect at Origo, said: “Averaged out over a day, this requires a through-put of just over 1,000 transactions per second to deal with incoming traffic from the dashboard(s) and to collate responses from pension providers.

“We have tested at more than double this rate to ensure that we can cope with typical usage patterns which have significant peaks during the working day.

"Our test results give us confidence that we can reliably achieve, exceed and sustain the required throughput and provide a robust low-latency service.”

The final design of the dashboard is not yet clear, as the government has so far failed to publish the final details around the project.

In particular it is debating over whether to have a single centralised service or multiple provider-led dashboards.

Origo has developed a dashboard functionality that allows financial advisers to access a client’s profile through a secure delegated authority compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

But Nathan Long, senior pension analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, said the government’s delays meant the dashboard may not launch in time.

He said: “2019 looks quite close for getting all this over the line and we need to be careful to assume this is going to happen.

“We are waiting on the government to release its feasibility study but it will be interesting to see what they will come up with. The whole issue is around how do we deliver a successful model.”

Hargreaves backs a provider-led multiple dashboard model, which allows users to choose the service that works best for them in their everyday lives.