Pensions needs more innovation, says Primetime's Warwick

Mr Warwick also warned that the government and regulators should not stifle innovation in the market in their push to create default pathways and make the pensions journey smoother for as many consumers as possible.

While he lauded the work done by government and regulators post pension freedoms, he said the focus needed to be on signposting people to proper advice over their pension options.

Referring to the work and pensions committee's April proposals, which included introducing pension default pathways for non-advised drawdown, Mr Warwick said: "There is a role for default as a last resort, but we need to make sure the focus is on how to get more people to engage and take good-quality advice."

At the time, Simon Harrington, senior public policy adviser for the Personal Investment Management and Financial Advice trade body, warned: "We are not philosophically opposed to the introduction of default pathways, but we need to be realistic about the fact that their introduction will more than likely see individuals choosing them as a path of least resistance.

"We have two concerns surrounding this; namely that drawdown will be marketed as a default choice in a manner similar to annuities pre-freedoms and that individuals will remain with their provider and not engage on the open market to best assess their options.

"In our view doing so will increase rather than reduce the potential for long-term consumer detriment."