Government criticised over dashboard petition mix-up

Government criticised over dashboard petition mix-up

Ageon has criticised the fact the government will not be obliged to debate the pensions dashboard after the wrong petition was used to demonstrate support for it. 

 The petition was launched on 38 Degrees last month (19 July) following the rumours that secretary of state Esther McVey was seeking to abolish plans to launch the dashboard and has reached more than 130,000 signatures.

When a petition reaches 100,000 signatures on the government's official petition service, it is considered for debate in Parliament but not if it is on other petition websites.

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Aegon has labelled the need for a petition "ridiculous" and said the government should acknowledge publish support for the dashboard.

Kate Smith, head of pensions at Aegon: "It’s ridiculous in this digital age that the government insists on people using its own petition service to get something debated in parliament, and smacks of Yes, Minister bureaucracy.

"The pensions dashboard is an important consumer-facing initiative, and one that is backed not only by the pension industry but by many others. The fact that over 130,000 people have signed the petition in a matter of weeks shows people’s passion for the pension dashboard and has generated welcome publicity.

"The government needs to acknowledge this and debate the issue in parliament."

The dashboard was originally proposed by ex-chancellor George Osborne and is set to be launched in 2019 at will allow savers to monitor their pension pots on the same online platform.

The Department for Work and Pensions took on responsibility for the scheme after the government said that the launch of the dashboard should be in the hands of the pension sector.