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UK agrees Irish pension rights

UK agrees Irish pension rights

The government has announced an agreement on social security with Ireland, guaranteeing Irish citizens access to the UK state pension in a no-deal scenario.

In an update today (February 15) the government stated benefits would remain available to UK and Irish citizens and their qualifying family members when in the other's state.

This included transferring certain benefits like child benefit and disability benefits.

In a previous update the government stated European Union citizens and their family members living in the UK before exit day, March 29, would continue to receive UK benefits on "broadly the same terms as now".

But those coming after March 29 could see access to such benefits restricted.

The government stated: "We are still looking at different options for this in the event the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

"Any changes to accessing benefits after March 29, 2019 will be in line with Home Office systems and will be based on any future agreements with the EU."

Private UK pensions meanwhile will still be eligible for transfer abroad and the government does not expect this to change under a no-deal.