Suffolk LifeFeb 22 2019

Ombudsman backs Suffolk Life over Sipp fees

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Ombudsman backs Suffolk Life over Sipp fees

However pensions ombudsman Anthony Arter ruled Mr H wouldn't get any compensation as Suffolk Life provided warnings that there could be potential charges for the transfer of assets to other providers.

He said while Mr H based his decision on the original paperwork he received from Suffolk Life, transfer documents flagging possible charges were shared before he made a final decision.

Mr Arter said: "I can appreciate when reading the documents why Mr H may have perceived that there would be no charges from Suffolk Life.

"However there is nothing in the information provided which states that no fees would be applied by a third party.

"In fact, the document itself indicates that the investment or fund manager may decide to charge a fee. If Mr H was unsure, he should have questioned this with Selftrade."