PensionBee launches additional plans

PensionBee launches additional plans

Consolidator PensionBee is introducing three new plans for its customers, including a fund designed to manage volatility, an active plan and a Shariah-compliant fund.

The plans are looking for ways to invest clients' money more sustainably and with less exposure to risk, PensionBee stated.

Managed by State Street Global Advisors, the PensionBee Preserve Plan has the goal to protect pensions from stock market volatility.

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Instead of investing in the markets, it makes short-term investments into creditworthy companies.

Romi Savova (pictured), chief executive at PensionBee, said it had been a volatile year in the markets and pension funds tied up in stocks were feeling the impact.

She said: "Over the long-term, investments tend to weather these storms, but if you’re close to retirement and intend to drawdown on your pension in the short-term, it’s unlikely you’ll want to take that risk."

The second fund, called PensionBee 4Plus Plan, aims to achieve long-term growth of 4 per cent per year over a five-year period by actively managing customers’ money across a range of global investments.

Ms Savova said: "Just like the PensionBee Preserve Plan, our 4Plus Plan is built for retirees.

"It’s cautious, but not to the extent that customers won’t see any growth in their money, as a large proportion of savings will remain actively invested in the markets.

"The long-term growth target of 4 per cent, over a five-year period, can indicate what they can expect to receive, so they can start planning their retirement to a degree of certainty."

The consolidator is also launching the PensionBee Shariah Plan, which is managed by State Street Global Advisors and HSBC, and only invests in Shariah-compliant funds - a branch of socially responsible investing shaped by the Islamic faith.

All investments are approved by an independent Shariah committee which works closely with the fund managers.

Investments in the fund exclude alcohol, gambling, tobacco, military equipment or weapons, pornography and any products containing pork.

Ms Savova said: "When it comes to pensions the needs of the Islamic community have historically been overlooked, with many Muslims finding it difficult to build retirement savings that are in line with their faith.

"PensionBee believes pension should be simple for everyone, which is why we offer a range of options which allow customers to regain control of their savings no matter what their faith or values."