Diary of an adviser: Paul Hill

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Diary of an adviser: Paul Hill
ByPaul Hill

Meeting with newly referred clients, a school play and making time for breakfast means a busy week for this adviser


I am up at 7am, no 6am trains to the city for me; instead a pleasant drive to the office, taking in Beachy Head and into the office for 8.30am. 

I spend the obligatory first hour discussing the previous week with Caroline, my assistant, when we also talk about the week ahead. 

I have two brand new clients to prepare for this week.

Today, I am reviewing the research I have been doing for the past few weeks so I can prepare a letter for the client I am seeing tomorrow.

I like to take the whole file away from the office and grab a spot of breakfast in a local coffee shop.

This takes me through to early afternoon. 

Each month I give two hours to volunteer for a local charity.

I am purely there to answer any questions or concerns. Usually this is around care home fees.


I am in early to undertake the final checks for my client meeting at 11:30am.

This client came from another firm who, being at capacity and knowing the service we offer, refers its new business to us.

This client requested we undertake a full pension review and I gave advice on the potential of releasing his tax-free lump sum now. The client accepts our advice and we submit all the paperwork.

I spend the rest of the afternoon catching up with a couple of clients on the phone about topping up their investments. I finish at 6pm for the drive home.


On Wednesday mornings I meet with my business partner David and colleague Maria to discuss the business.

Often we have a business development manager visit, undertake one-to-ones, complete continuing professional development, discuss compliance updates and of course, go out for breakfast.

This week our main discussions are around our new website, undertaking the last few changes.

I spend the afternoon prepping for my second client meeting of the week.

I shut the laptop at 7.30pm. 


Happily I am up early, not to get to work, but to go and see my daughter in her school play.

After an Oscar-winning performance and some dad chit chat, I am back on the road for 10am.

As always when I am travelling by car, I call Caroline at the office and in my whirlwind style, download the many business items that have been going through my head all morning.

I put in a call in to a client who has asked for an additional telephone review of her investments.