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Advisers' wishlist for a future government

"The government has a fine balance to make between a sustainable state pension, welfare system and intergenerational fairness. The system should benefit current and future retirees in a fair way."

The election also has ramifications for the long-awaited Pensions Bill, which pledged new rules for pension dashboards, collective defined contribution schemes, and new powers for The Pensions Regulator in the Queen’s Speech earlier this month (October 14), as it will see the bill significantly delayed.

The bill was scheduled for a second reading in the House of Lords yesterday (October 30) but the session was cancelled.

3 Housing

The housing market has experience a dampened three years, with transaction numbers and average house prices slowly decreasing.

But there are also problems in the buy-to-let market, where successive pieces of regulation have made it harder for landlords to operate economically.

Mr Morrey thought a future government should tackle this issue to help landlords.

He said: “We would like to see some of the burden on landlords lifted — especially on income tax treatments and stamp duty as they seem a little unfair."

Mr Stewart agreed, adding the housing market needed assistance in a number of ways from stamp duty reform to solving the cladding issues on new builds.

According to Mr Chan, housing issues were of prime importance for any new government, particularly those in London.

The House of Commons on Tuesday (October 29) voted to back the General Election bill by 438 votes to 20. 

The bill then flew through the House of Lords the following day, with an election date now set for December 12.

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