Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an adviser: a Wesleyan adviser writes

Diary of an adviser: a Wesleyan adviser writes

This week...


Up at 7.30am, my first task is to plan my diary.

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Wesleyan Financial Services is a specialist mutual for doctors, teachers, dentists and lawyers – and I work with hospital doctors, which gives me a really in-depth understanding of the financial issues they face.

Today I am meeting a client who is worried about a potential tax bill because of the tapered annual allowance.

Our in-house National Health Service experts helped confirm that the doctor is liable for a tax bill, so my client and I spent the session going through the calculations and discussing financial arrangements.

For the remainder of the afternoon I review my client workload, and then I head back home for dinner with friends.


Tuesday is dedicated to professional development.

I have been with Wesleyan for almost 13 years, but there is always something new to learn or revise.

Later in the day I grab a quick coffee with some colleagues I am on a course with to talk about challenges and opportunities.

This evening I have a client meeting.

The client is the primary earner in the household and wants to make certain the husband and children are provided for in all eventualities. 


The culture at Wesleyan encourages a good work–life balance.

We work hard, but the wealth of support available means the job is never a chore.  

At 11.00am I have a meeting with an anaesthetist.

We talk about the client’s NHS pension and how it fits in with the client’s wider retirement plans. 

At lunch I travel into the centre of Birmingham for a meal with an old friend, and then onto head office for a team progress review session.

Then I return home to prepare for my next client meeting.


This morning I am introducing one of my junior colleagues to our pre-sale checking team, who offer advice on composing a case that is fully compliant from a Financial Conduct Authority perspective.

It is something I have found can be particularly useful for those learning the ropes.

At midday I meet a client who has recently had a first grandchild and wants to begin planning for its future. 

In the afternoon I meet a clinician who is looking to get a foot on the property ladder.

We discuss how a purchase may fit into any medium-to-long-term financial plans, as well some of the mortgage options.


After completing admin work, I head to meet a doctor who is considering retiring earlier than originally planned, so we run through the options available.

Afterwards, I head back in to the office for a quick catch-up with our paraplanning team. At 5:30pm we head out for a team dinner, and then it is home time.