Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an Adviser: Liz Bloomfield

Diary of an Adviser: Liz Bloomfield

A typical working week on lockdown remains busy for this adviser, who continues to handle clients’ queries and needs


A later than usual start today as I’m home-based this week, so I have been enjoying the lockdown lie-ins.

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My day begins by catching up on messages and markets. Later I watch a webex to keep up to date on the Covid-19 situation and market outlook.

I type up some meeting notes from the end of last week (usually I would dictate these), email summaries to each client, and request reports from paraplanning for a new Isa for one person, and a pension for another.

In the afternoon, I complete an annual review appointment with a young lady and recommend a ‘Bed & Isa’, which she agrees to.

Ordinarily I see most of my clients in the office, with a few home visits when needed. At present it’s only telephone meetings, but I’m used to this as a few years ago I worked as a telephone-based adviser.


I start the day with admin, then check a report completed by our paraplanners for an Enterprise Investment Scheme, and another for a pension transfer.  

Since we joined the IWP group, processing time for reports has been reduced and we have access to compliance support round the clock.

After speaking to a lovely lady who has memory issues (so is a vulnerable client) I recap our conversation via an email so she can refer back to it.

We aren’t making any changes at present, and I remind her of my suggestion to have a meeting in person with someone she trusts once she is free from self-isolation.


My meetings today centre around retirement planning, and inheritance tax.

Neither gentleman is particularly concerned or phased by the recent market volatility. On the whole, investors seem far less worried than during the volatility at the end of 2018.

In the evening I catch up with family over the phone and start a new boxset with my fiancé.


Today I receive my statement of professional standing back from the Personal Finance Society after only two days.

I speak with a lady about her existing investments and recommend an additional pension contribution.

In the afternoon it’s admin, reports and research, which keeps me busy until the early evening and a (rare) meal cooked by my fiancé, followed by a video call with friends.


A client wishes to take some money from his drawdown pension to spend on a property for the new tax year starting on Sunday. I explain the tax treatment and ask our admin team to process it.

Later I make a protection recommendation to a different client who is keen to proceed, then I prepare for next week’s meetings after returning some calls.

I think I’ll enjoy a few gins tonight while I complete my online shopping order as we were lucky and have a slot booked. I wonder: is it just me drinking more often since lockdown began?