Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an Adviser: Matt Cross

Diary of an Adviser: Matt Cross

Webchats and Zoom quizzes have become the new normal for this week’s adviser.


Without my daily commute I start my day with a podcast and a walk.

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On my return I fire up the coffee machine and dial into our daily Microsoft Teams catch-up call at 9am.

I have three client calls, all to discuss the tapered annual allowance changes and whether they need to adjust their pension contributions.

Understanding what each client’s employer has already done helps other conversations with clients at the same companies. 

To break up the day, I log into my gym’s new virtual class and do a 45-minute workout. 

In the past four weeksI have had several ad-hoc client reviews and this afternoon I have a chance to finish and approve the review follow-up letters before they are sent out.

I try to spend Monday evenings reading articles from our fund managers and investment committee. A record low in oil prices gives me slightly more than usual to digest.


I have a call booked with a client’s sister who recently changed job and is due to give birth to her second child.

She wants to use the time at home with her husband to think more long term about finances.

So far, I have been pleasantly surprised with how successful webchat meetings have been with both new and existing clients.

I have a follow-up call with a family I recently advised. In a short space of time a lot has changed in the world, so I want to make sure they are still comfortable with everything we put in place.

My evening is spent on coursework for my chartered qualification.


Myself and two other advisers were due to host a networking event this afternoon.

Although it has been cancelled, we decided to keep the time free to discuss other ways we can bring our clients and networks together in this period of lockdown and the socially distant environment we may return to.


Today I have a webchat with a prospect whose husband passed away less than two years ago.

She realises she has some decisions to make and wants to talk these through in detail to ensure she makes well-informed choices.

Later on, I have a call with a client approaching retirement who recently made me aware of a pension from his first job.

This has turned out to be his most valuable pension, so we need to remodel his cash flow planning and see if this has a material improvement to his lifestyle.

In the evening, I take part in our first work quiz night over Zoom.


I try to keep Fridays clear of meetings so I can focus on development work and also ensure all clients with any actions outstanding from us get an update before the weekend.