Divorce bill set for autumn 2021 after passing Commons

Before the bill is passed into law any changes the Commons made to the draft law must be agreed by the House of Lords.

It is not yet known when the Lords will consider the amendments put forward by the Commons.

Some amendments included extending the minimum legal period for a divorce from the six months in the bill to a year and to define the start of divorce proceedings to make it clear when the proposed 20-week period would begin.

Another amendment included ensuring there was increased support for couples where an application for divorce has been made to the court.

Last week (June 9), Quilter warned the new rules could result in people choosing to go it alone and not seeking advice before carrying out a divorce which could in turn lead to women being particularly exposed to financial vulnerability in retirement. 

There is a risk many could miss out on pension benefits, with the risk more likely to impact women than men given they often have a less sizeable pension of their own.

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