Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an Adviser: Kelly Xue

Diary of an Adviser: Kelly Xue

Online meetings and creating a bespoke video on children’s savings are all part of a busy week for this adviser.


I am about to get my car keys to go to the office when my dad offers to give me a lift as his car has been parked for a long time.

To cut the story short, my dad and I, my sister and my grandma all end up in the car as we want to get some fresh air.

Later in the morning, I have a videoconference meeting with prospective clients, who need some help with pension planning. 

In the afternoon, I have a video call with a friend who is a business owner. Her main concern is drawing money from the company to herself as an individual because of the tax implications.

During our discussion, it emerges that her goal is to support her son and possibly move back to her home country.

As she is not UK-domiciled, there are lots of areas to be considered before taking any steps.

I agree to find the answers to her questions and send her additional information about paying into her personal pension.


What a creative day. As we started engaging on our company social media last week, we have received some requests for more information on children’s savings. 

To tackle this, I decide to create a bespoke video explaining this in simple terms. 

I had written down the topics, finally got the first draft version finished – I was so happy. But then I realise that it had not been saved. So I need to redo everything, record my voice-over, get feedback from the team, make tweaks and eventually, by 6.30pm in the evening, the final version is ready.


I start the day by posting the video on social media. I then join our weekly team meeting. 

It is so nice to still be able to talk and see (virtually) my colleagues. 

In the afternoon, I have a meeting with a client who needs to review his protection needs as he recently bought a house.

I take the details of his financial situation. I explain the different options available and agree to come back to him with some solutions.


This is a special day. We have teamed up with our community business development district to offer a free webinar to our local business owners. 

The webinar looks at ways in which business owners can ensure that their company runs smoothly, as well as make sure that their personal wealth is benefiting from their hard work.


I get myself all set up for an online meeting with a lady who has already retired and is living off savings and state pension.

She has a pension pot that has been left in cash for years, and she knew that she needed to do something but never got around to it until now.