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Charity page set up in memory of Greg Kingston

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Charity page set up in memory of Greg Kingston
Greg Kingston

A charitable giving page has been set up in memory of Curtis Banks group communications director Greg Kingston, who tragically passed away last month.

Mr Kingston’s family have chosen two charities in his memory and have invited friends and colleagues to share a memory, story or anecdote to remember him by.

The first charity is Parkinson’s UK which was “close to Greg’s heart” and the second is SERVSC which provide essential services to five NHS hospitals locally. Mr Kingston had trained to be a volunteer there.

Louise Dolan, partner at Camarco, who set up the page, said: “Greg’s death was a shock to everyone and there has been a huge outpouring of grief from those that knew him.  

"His wonderful wife Kat wanted some good to come from this tragic situation and so asked that a charitable giving page be set up. In this way, rather than sending flowers, his memory can be honoured by supporting Parkinson’s UK and SERVSC two of his favourite charities.  

"Parkinson had impacted his immediate family and not everyone knows that Greg trained to be a motorbike volunteer with SERVSC who provide essential services to local hospitals collecting and delivering blood and other essential products.

"Both charities seem a very fitting way to remember Greg and ensure his legacy lives on.”   

Mr Kingston passed away last month aged 47 after being hit by a car in France.

He had taken the opportunity to visit the Alps on his motorbike after the lockdown restrictions were lifted.

While returning to his hotel on foot he was struck down by a car and succumbed to his injuries.

Mr Kingston was well-known in the self-invested personal pension industry and many have shared their condolences and memories upon hearing the news.

You can access the charity pages here.

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