Diary of an adviser  

Diary of an adviser: Christopher Griffin

Diary of an adviser: Christopher Griffin

This planner’s week is full of calls with clients and rounded off with some family time


On the way to the office I drop off our eldest daughter at nursery. She is currently obsessed with the songs from Disney’s Frozen, so we listen to them on the way to nursery.

In the office I catch up with our admin team on tasks and check client review documents.

Later, I head out for a socially distanced appointment with a local solicitor to discuss contracting their services on some client cases through our legal company. 

The day is rounded off by reviewing a new business report a colleague is working on.


This morning, I come into the office ready for a video call with an existing client who has some new funds to invest.

During the call they make me aware that they have successfully sold some of their land for development.

As a result, their assets are going to change in the coming months. We agree to have a follow-up call to discuss inheritance tax planning options.

In the afternoon, I have a call to discuss expanding our client bank. It is rewarding to say most of our growth comes from existing client referrals. 

In the evening, I have a call with a client discussing options with pensions and divorce.


This morning I have a chat with a client who is looking into options of funding a new venture and we discuss pros and cons.

Prior to the chat he wanted to encash most of his pensions to fund the venture, however we identified that one of his schemes has a guaranteed growth rate and that consideration should be taken for income needs in retirement as well as tax liabilities.

After the call I discus options with our paraplanner and update his cash flow plan.

After lunch I join a training video call with Aviva on their platform. Although our admin team processes business on a day-to-day basis, it is important to have an understanding of providers’ systems and requirements.

In the evening I have a meeting with a client for whom our legal executive at our legal company is writing bespoke wills. 


The morning is spent booking in review meetings, reading reports, and running MI sheets for our management meetings.

In the afternoon I watch a market web call, which I find provides good discussion points with clients.

My first call in the evening is with a new client who is in receipt of a pension sharing order and would like pension advice.

My last call is with a client to discuss their retirement plans and any queries he has on his pension, which we manage.


The morning brings an appointment with a long-standing client who wants to invest some further funds.