State Pension  

‘Years of human errors’ led to £1bn pension underpayments, NAO finds

The exercise requires experienced state pensions administrators who the department needs to transfer from other work, and backfill with new recruits, according to the NAO. 

“This will inevitably put more pressure on the department’s normal retirement services, which are already facing backlogs following Covid-19,” the report said.

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The NAO has also found that in DWP’s efforts to rectify its errors, it was in fact making more errors.

“We found that the same problems caused by highly manual processes and staff’s lack of understanding of the complex rules had led to errors in the correction process between January and June 2021,” the report read.

DWP has since “strengthened its governance and quality assurance” over the process, the NAO said. 

“But it is likely that at least some errors remain, especially over more complex cases,” it concluded.