Social care  

Social care levy 'must double' by 2030

Lowe added: “While we wait for more details, it is clear that there will be a huge need for guidance and advice to help people understand the system and plan for good outcomes.”

Lords debate

The second reading of the Health and Social Care Levy Bill took place in the House of Lords this week (October 11).

Peers raised concerns that the levy and proposals would only be a short term solution and that cross-party collaboration was needed on the social care issue.

Baroness Tyler said: “Now that the government have finally published their proposals for social care, it is time to start the long-overdue cross-party talks that have been promised for years to bring on a proper, long-term, sustainable solution that ensures that everyone gets the quality care they need, which this short-term fix clearly does not. 

"For me, nothing should be off the table in those long-term cross-party talks; they should certainly include looking at other sources of income and wealth.”

Meanwhile, Baroness Altmann questioned the fairness of the plans.

Altmann said: “I cannot agree that national insurance is an appropriate mechanism for care funding. There will be no contribution from pensioners’ pensions, buy-to-let landlords or capital gains. This hardly spreads the burden widely or fairly across society.”

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