Bordier launches decumulation service for Dynamic Planner

This process involves the setting of a monthly value at risk limit for each risk profile, alongside an in-depth analysis of each investment strategies’ objectives, tactical and strategic asset allocation parameters, and monthly oversight of the underlying holdings. 

As part of Dynamic Planner’s service, the volatility of each strategy is targeted to stay within the monthly value at risk boundaries assigned to specific risk profiles. 

Bordier said this provides peace of mind for advisers harbouring concerns over risk-profiled solutions – which can sometimes drift outside of their risk band, or are at risk of a change in rating.

Chris Jones, proposition director at Dynamic Planner, said: “With so many more people needing to use their pensions and investments to meet their spending needs, it is essential that advisers are provided with solutions that meet the needs of that group of clients at every stage to ensure a good client outcome. 

“We are therefore delighted that Bordier UK, with its long global history, has identified this target market, recognised the risks, and used its capabilities and experience to build new solutions that manage out those risks on behalf of advisers and their clients. In an uncertain and increasingly expensive world I hope these solutions bring some certainty and comfort to decumulating investors.”

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