Pimfa supports private retirement platform launch

Pimfa supports private retirement platform launch
Liz Field, chief executive, Pimfa. Source: Pimfa

Advice trade association Pimfa has given its support to help launch a private retirement platform called Platinum Life. 

The platform, created as a social venture for those aged 50 and above, has been developed by Platinum Brands and The Shaftesbury Partnership. 

Called Platinum Life, the platform aims to help the UK’s 50s and over transition into retirement and make the many decisions and choices - not just financial ones, but also those related to lifestyle.

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It will highlight the range of support those approaching retirement - and those already retired - can receive from financial advisers and wealth managers, as well as other support and advice that might be available.

The topics covered in the first edition of Platinum Life, which can be viewed online, include the transfer of intergenerational wealth, volunteering, and philanthropy, what financial well-being means, and how to avoid becoming a victim of financial crime.

According to Pimfa, Platinum Life has been designed and created specifically for advisers, wealth managers and their clients to refer to during consultations.

Liz Field, chief executive of Pimfa, said the platform would build upon The Shaftesbury Partnership's Retirement Transition workshop initiative.

This encourages more affluent people to give back in retirement to those less fortunate, through endeavours such as volunteering and philanthropy.

Field commented: "Platinum Life aims to encourage financial wellbeing, fuller use of financial advice and wealth management, and to provide private pensioners with thought leadership and guidance to keep them as financially aware, fit, healthy, and active as possible.”

Lord Wei, founder of The Shaftesbury Partnership, said: “This is an important project.

"Now more than ever we need to empower those whose best years are still to come, enabling them to enjoy lives lived to the full, and to give back to their communities and to the world.”

Charitable acts

This endeavour, with its strong philanthropic ethos, comes as Nomura Asset Management announced its initial donation of $50,000 (£41,100) to charity: water as part of a three-year commitment to support its initiatives implemented over the past 15 years.

This initial amount will be used to help fund a school in Niger and community projects in Ethiopia. According to Nomura's president and asset management chief executive Hiroyasu Koike, charity: water is a non-profit organisation set up in in 2006 to help provide access to clean drinking water and sanitation to people in Africa, Asia and Central and Latin America.

The charity partners with local entities to undertake projects bringing clean water to communities that don’t have access to it.

Koike-San said: “This aligns with one of our key impact goals - global access to clean drinking water - and we are excited to be part of this journey.”