Aviva pension quote service suffers outage

Aviva pension quote service suffers outage

Aviva is unable to provide quotes on its individual personal pensions due to recent software updates, the firm has confirmed.

Aviva said the service is not expected to return to normal functionality until Wednesday (19 September) at the earliest.

It comes after one adviser, who attempted to use Aviva’s online quoting tool, was told by the provider that it had made software updates to the system over the weekend, which had led to the outage.

Scott Gallacher, financial planner at Rowley Turton, told FTAdviser he tried to get a quote for a personal pension transfer worth more than half a million pounds and was given a 'technical error' notification.  

Mr Gallacher had also hoped to obtain quotes for two other pensions of slightly lower value.

When the adviser contacted Aviva, he was told there were issues with the system and that there was no way a quote could be obtained for at least 48 hours.  

He said: "It doesn’t inspire much confidence in advisers that Aviva has updated its software, to make it work better, but it’s ended up not working.

"We will wait until Wednesday for the service to be fixed. But if it hasn’t been fixed by then, there is a danger that we will have to approach a different provider for a quote.  

"Aviva hasn’t got the best track record due to the problems it has had with its platform, this could leave it in danger of missing out of future cases or having cases taken away from it." 

Aviva for Advisers has experienced a raft of glitches since its replatforming to FNZ in January this year, with advisers complaining about the client reporting function and payment issues for people in drawdown, alongside a host of other things.

It is unlikely the current service outage has anything to do with the provider's re-platforming issues, which is part of a separate business.

An Aviva spokesman confirmed it is currently unable to provide quotes on its personal pension product and said it was working to fix issues. 

He said: "As a result of our most recent update we are currently unable to produce new business illustrations for our Ipp product. 

"This issue was identified early yesterday morning and we are working hard to restore this service as soon as possible. This affects a small part of our business, where we typically receive around 50 quote applications per month.

"Quotes for all other products, including our full suite of platform products such as our pension portfolio, are unaffected by this issue.

"We would like to apologise to advisers and customers for any inconvenience this may cause, and assure them that we are doing everything possible to restore the Ipp quote service."