Product review: Vision by LifeTalk

Product review: Vision by LifeTalk

Adviser social network LifeTalk has unveiled an online profile-boosting marketing platform for financial advisers.


Vision, a content-sharing and hosting platform, offers advisers better search engine optimisation (SEO) and website traffic prospects through the integration of Vision-hosted blog posts and social media content.

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The content-sharing tool streamlines also gives advisers the option of sharing blog posts, embedded tweets and links to content on other social media platforms. The service is powered by content provider Passle. Advisers who sign up will get their own dedicated page on the Passle website.

The tool can also provide a helping hand where business promotion and engagement with consumers is concerned, as advisers can create profiles with links to networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, as well as creating short biographies with links to previous posts and the option of including one’s website and contact details.

Additionally, up to 20 advisers are able to contribute to the platform free of charge for six months, with free rein to explore adviser-related topics of their choosing.

LifeTalk was originally launched by founder Philip Calvert in 2004 as IFA Life. The new platform represents the first time it has branched out into a consumer-facing service.



Content-marketing platforms can be extremely useful tools where promoting a business is concerned. Rather than having to worry about promoting a handful of social media platforms individually, Vision essentially serves as a one-stop shop, ensuring that consumers have only to visit one place to get a better understanding of the financial services industry, as well as the particular services of any given adviser on the platform.

In addition to engaging consumers who are familiar with more traditional means of connecting with advisers, for example via email, over the phone or through a company website, Vision also has the advantage of introducing consumers to new advisers, but without the restrictions that one would expect from a directory.

Passle says it has been able to improve the number of unique website visitors by 30 per cent, as well as reducing bounce rates (the proportion of visitors who exit the page immediately rather than navigating to other parts of the website) from 45 per cent to 15 per cent.

However, the issue with platforms like these is getting the word out in the first place. As LifeTalk’s first consumer-targeted service, the company must ensure that in these early stages, news of Vision’s launch can find its way out of the adviser bubble and into the world of consumers, which can often be a rather difficult task.