Money Alive offers free video service during virus crisis

Money Alive offers free video service during virus crisis

Clients who prefer visual contact with their financial advisers can take advantage of a new, secure video email service from Money Alive. 

The regtech firm has created a secure video messaging service, allowing advisers to engage remotely with their clients through video technology.

While the service is free to existing clients, Money Alive is offering a standalone version of the platform, with access to secure video email only, to all financial advice firms free of charge until August 1.

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Andy Kirby, chief executive of Money Alive, said: "We are keen to help firms communicate effectively at a time when we’re all having to adapt to unfamiliar remote working arrangements and, at the same time, feeling under the wider pressures brought about by the Covid-19 crisis.

“In particular, this new feature will help support firms in this time where personal communication is more challenging."

According to Mr Kirby, advisers can make their clients' viewing experience interactive by switching on engagement and have questions for their client to complete once they have watched their video.

Using this option provides a measurement of the effectiveness and impact of the communication as well as making it easy for clients to engage and respond. The data can also be valuable from a risk management perspective and the platform makes it easy to capture as a PDF for the client’s file.

As well as recording new videos the service will allow advisers to upload their own videos.

Mr Kirby added: "Our belief is that this new feature will help firms continue to provide a personal service over the coming months, enabling them to stay face to face with their clients, while benefiting from the reporting and scaling offered by Money Alive’s established and proven video engagement platform.”

Since Money Alive launched its first product in 2018, advisers have used it to deliver and evidence over 100,000 video viewings.