Employees benefit with new Unum suite

Employees benefit with new Unum suite

Employee benefits provider Unum has launched ‘Help@Hand’, a suite of employee assistance options available through an app. It comes packaged with Unum’s group income protection at no additional cost.

Three key services available are: a remote GP service that aims to provide GP access within two hours of making an appointment, a second opinion service that provides up to two consultations a year, and mental health support, which gives access to up to eight consultations a year.

It also offers up to eight consultations a year, including an initial assessment for help with a range of musculoskeletal issues.

The offering, which is in partnership with specialist provider Square Health, gives users access to medical support for both workers and dependent family members.

In a world where providers are consistently competing in areas such as employee assistance programs, Help@Hand really stands out – especially the remote GP service. 

Until now, this sort of service has mainly been offered only on health insurance policies.

It would be interesting to see how other providers respond.

For today’s time-poor employees, we welcome new and innovative ways they can access healthcare as and when required.

It is often difficult to get a GP appointment outside of traditional working hours, so this service provides some much-needed support for people in that position. 

It is also a great way to help employers manage staff sickness and absenteeism, especially through the mental health and physiotherapy options. 

It is worth noting that staff who would have to take time off to visit their GP can now do so at any time, day or night, which is likely to make a further difference to employers’ staff management and, ultimately, workplace productivity.

All in all, it is a proposition that is definitely worth promoting for all those employers for which Unum appears to be a good fit.

Unfortunately, despite the value these additional services can offer they are not as well promoted as they could be so.

Like with all additional benefits, it is down to employers and advisers to communicate with employees just how valuable these offerings can be.

Nadeem Farid is head of employee benefits at Drewberry