What does the future hold for commercial real estate?

For some landlords, the transition will seem daunting. The option exists, of course, for them to hand their real estate over to flexible workspace operators.

However, for many landlords this will not be a viable option, either due to the size and makeup of the space they have available, or because they want to maintain greater control over the branding of their flexible workspace and how it is managed. Landlords in this situation should consider partnering with experts that can facilitate the transformation of their traditional office space into a flexible workspace.

Ultimately, it begins with the shift in mindset. After centuries of stagnation, the CRE sector is undergoing a rapid transformation.

Landlords now face the task of adapting their offerings. They must reallocate their office space in accordance with the evolving demands of businesses, and those able to offer the best experience to prospective tenants will stand out as flexible working becomes the new normal. 

Wybo Wijnbergen is the co-founder and chief executive of InfinitSpace