Tenet reaps rewards of service overhaul

Tenet reaps rewards of service overhaul

Tenet has turned around a negative net promoter score from Investors in Customers into one of the highest over three years after a significant change in focus.

According to Gemma Harle, managing director at Tenet Group, said the group had been committed to "building a proposition" that would provide the best possible service to its appointed representatives.

However, she said the group had been forced to ask itself a question, "do we know what we do that helps improve the end customer experience via our brokers" after it received a negative Investor in Customers score in 2013.

Speaking at the Legal & General Insurance Business Quality Awards last week, at which Tenet was given the Customer Excellence Award (Network) for its "vast array of services available to financial advisers", Ms Harle said the negative net promoter score of -17 per cent had been "sad and disappointing".

She said: "We thought we had been helping advisers but the reality was different. We had to focus on how things needed to be different. We needed to understand how what we did for brokers helped the end customer."

Striving for 10 was set in place - a programme to encourage Tenet's staff to each receive a customer satisfaction score of 10, through staff rewards and recognition, and through communications with advisers. 

If the score was less, the "honest and open" feedback would be taken on board to help achieve a perfect 10 next time.

She said the data they were building up internally also matched the quality metrics supplied by Legal & General's own technology which it supplies to its insurance brokers. 

Over the years, she said there has been a significant change, both for brokers and their clients. Ms Harle explained: "Any positive change for a large network not only has a notable downwards effect on clawback but also on the costs for the financial advisers.

"Because of these improvements we have kept customers at the core of the process."

As a result, Ms Harle announced that Investor in Customers had awarded Tenet Group with a positive 23 per cent net promoter score, going from a one-star service provider to a three-star provider.

Also at the awards, financial advisers Vita won the outstanding performance award, Protect Line was given the best reinstatement performance award and Leeds-based Hannah Corporation was given the best customer retention performance award.