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Protection portal launched for armed forces personnel

Protection portal launched for armed forces personnel

A bespoke online protection service has been launched to enable armed forces personnel and their families to overcome the challenges they can face in finding protection.

Launched by Trinity Insurance Services, in partnership with LifeQuote, the online portal enables Trinity’s clients to establish whether they qualify for a range of life and protection policies given their current military status.

It takes into account whether they are a reservist or a regular serving member, what branch of the services they are in, and whether they are under orders to be deployed in the next six months.

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Depending on the online results, they will then be able to obtain a quote immediately and process the application online or they will be assisted by Trinity’s specialist protection team to source a product offline.

Vic Baker, founder of Trinity Insurance Services, said: “Finding life insurance or other protection for members of the forces was historically challenging if not impossible. 

“While appreciating the underwriting risks, we wanted to find a way that allowed service personnel to at least establish whether they were insurable and then, if possible, find the relevant product for their needs. 

“The partnership with LifeQuote is a great example of the harmonisation of on-line technology and offline service working to provide a solution.”